Saturday, 17 December 2011

Whittard's Coffee Shop, Dubai Festival Centre

A British product that I've never seen back home!

Back in the UK, my favourite shop for all things coffee-related is Whittard's. For those unfamiliar with the brand, they sell colourful crockery straight out of Alice in Wonderland, huge mugs reminiscent of Central Perk, freshly ground coffee and fragrant tea. The Whittard name is synonymous with quality and are professionals in their field at making a house a home with their cheerful wares. Imagine my delight to find that they have a cafe in Dubai's Festival Centre! Conveniently located next to M&S, British expats can have a double helping of retail therapy to combat homesickness. Along with their extensive tea menu, they do a fine array of coffees, their Americano passing my stringent quality control. A must for all coffee addicts is their Turkish coffee too, beautifully enhanced with cardamon. If you want to bring the magic of Whittard's home, they even sell some of their famous cups, however their selection is limited compared to their UK stores.
It's left me wondering why they haven't thought of this concept back home as I'm sure it would go down a treat; everyone could indulge their inner Mad Hatters and celebrate their 'unbirthday' there!


  1. I used to buy loads of stuff from Whittard's in the UK but I rarely frequent the one here because of that limited selection you mentioned! For me...well, there are many coffee and tea shops in Dubai. It's that awesome selection of products that attracted me to Whittard's in the first place... oh well.

  2. Yeah its a shame they don't have a normal Whittard's shop here- I really miss it. Let's start a petition!

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