Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Impressive on the outside, disgusting on the inside.....

The Raj is a beautiful, quaint looking restaurant inside an old cottage in Liverpool's historic Woolton Village. Outside is an ornate fountain with carp and the restautant looks like something from a fairytale on the outside.

Inside, it looks like a traditional curry house with a migraine-inducing, sticky carpet and -yippee- booths! I sat down in a booth and took in the surroundings. The table was grotty, the wood panelling was chipped and the menu had the remains of someone else's dinner on them. The menu looked okay though, I chose onion bhajis, pops and a Vegetable Madras.

The pops were soggy and the dips warm, they should be refrigerated. When the bhaji came, this was cold and tasted like it had been lying in fat for hours. I was dreading the main. The naan was also soggy and my vegetable madras was absolutely revolting. It had separated into layers like a lava lamp and the powder hadn't been mixed and the veg were my worst nightmare- a Netto frozen bag of diced carrots, broadbeans, corn and peas. Vile.

Oh have i not mentioned the toilets? It was December and they had no heating on, the locks were broken and above the sink were wires where a light had been pulled off the wall. This restaurant is a no-go. What a shame, as many tourists pass this restaurant as it's on the Beatles trail.

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  1. Well, that is one place I do not want to go to.

  2. a party of 20 of us ate here recently.there is nothing poor about the restaurant. decor, cleanliness, quality of prepared food, particularly in comparison to the majority of curry houses in the city centre.

  3. whilst i value your opinion, I have a friend who likes this restaurant too, this friend also thinks Nando's is haute cuisine and Tesco's is 'a posh shop'.


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