Sunday, 22 August 2010

No.1 Sushi, Edinburgh

Was that it? I'm still hungry!

I was a woman on a mission on Sunday, a mission for a tasty, exotic wholesome lunch! My first attempt was the beautiful South Indian Mezbaan, alas it was closed. Big Fat Greek Kitchen was my second choice but it looked ominously empty. Third choice was my favourite hot and sour soup in the whole wide world, the Panda Inn, but that was closed too. So I decided to push the boundaries, step outside my comfort zone and try Japanese at No 1 Sushi, Edinburgh. Traditionally, Sushi bars aren't the best friends of veggies as the menu reads like the cast list of Finding Nemo. Surely they offer some veggie specialities too?

I entered No.1 and the interior was basic yet funky, straight out of a cool film like Lost in Translation. (Looking onto the street and witnessing neds, scruffy students and charity shops, it was far from Hollywood though.) Perusing the menu, the prices seemed rather high but hopefully the quality and quantity of the food justified this. The staff were distant; not overtly friendly but not rude either. It is the type of place where you could while away the afternoon and not be disturbed; that is if you are fortunate enough NOT to be seated by braying Hooray Henrys which I was...oh yah!

I ordered a Mix Veg Udon Noodle dish, it came in the form of a huge soup bowl and I felt like Alice in Wonderland after she ate the shrinking biscuit! It was beautifully presented, a combination of carrot, squash, broccoli, aubergine and spring onion, floating on a bed of fat noodles. However, as I began to eat, I noticed the main ingredient of the soup was its bland stock; extremely watery but with no pleasant kick like a Chinese soup. Although it was fresh and cleansing, it was extremely bland, the type of stuff you would probably eat on a crash diet.

Needless to say, I was starving after and made a dash to Loopy Lorna's to fill up on sponge cake! No.1 caters more for the fish loving market and veggies will feel short changed. So, if you're a strict veggie like me, cross this one off your list, but send your carnivorous colleagues!

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