Friday, 3 January 2014

Kasbah, Bold St, Liverpool

After discovering Liverpool's first Lebanese restaurant had opened, you can imagine my excitement to find the city's first Moroccan restaurant had opened a few doors down! Moroccan eateries are common in our Continental neighbours' cities like Paris and Amsterdam so we were long overdue a tagine invasion. Most of the new Liverpudlian eateries don't really appeal to veggies like me- the high-end ones do either rabbit food or mushroom risotto for the millionth time and the lower end of the scale 'specialise' in burgers, lasagne and other yawnsome frozen food section treats. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern never fails to disappoint me though!
Kasbah is similar in décor to Bakchich, its Lebanese neighbour, conjuring up memories of Dubai's Spice Souk and Instanbul's Grand Bazaar- a heady mix of spicy scent and garish colours. To drink, I had the mint lemonade; admittedly not as good as Dubai but nonetheless refreshing:
Check out the beautiful steaming hot tagine!

I ordered a veggie tagine served with a fluffy helping of cous cous- the tagine comprised of stuffed vegetables in a bubbling hot tomato and pepper based stew. A perfect winter warmer of a dish providing a little ray of sunshine too!

Don't forget your camera when you rock the Kasbah- a big stash of fezzes in the corner provide many hilarious selfie opportunities! It's the type of place which has a great atmosphere for a night out and is also a great place where you don't feel conspicuous being alone and can happily sit in the corner with a mint tea while you're doing your stalking rounds on Facebook.
The good- one of a kind in a city infested with burger joints and buffets
The bad- a few more veggie options on the menu would be nice!
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