Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bombay Palace, Sliema, Malta

Please stay away- for your sphincter's sake!

A self-confessed Vindaloo Queen, I cannot go on holiday without visiting an Indian restaurant. Halfway through my Maltese jaunt, the craving for the hot stuff was kicking in. Plus, I also wanted to compare curries. In the beautiful hotspot of Sliema, Bombay Palace seemed promising- fresh, airy with modern decor. But as I already know, appearances can be deceptive. There is no nicer way to put it, this place was a s**t hole.

We were in and out in 30 min so I will just summarise the experience quickly- come to your own conclusions.

- this place also serves Chinese food in the same kitchen
- the Naan is actually Chapatti but sold as Naan
- the bombay potato is potato wedges doused in curry powder
- the pilau rice was out of a huge bag with a few frozen peas scattered on
- the chicken is multicoloured. Thank God I'm a veggie.

What was that? Multicoloured chicken?

Yes. The chicken came in funny shaped pieces, some of them with a black coating on, some with green spots inside. This place needs to be reported to environmental health ASAP. When we asked the chef, his lame excuse (after much stammering and blushing) was 'we are trialling a new spice.' Whatever.

Sorry this review isn't too exciting. The restaurant was so dire I was left speechless for once. The staff all looked as if they had been slapped across their sour faces with a wet fish too.

UPDATE: This hellhole has now gone bust and in its former location stands a pretty decent coffee shop instead. Maltese tastebuds have been saved.


  1. Try this one:
    Emperor Of India
    Outlet Category: Restaurant
    Address: Triq Elija Zammit, Paceville
    Locality: St. Julian's

  2. hello i am not agree with your comment. sorry about it, maybe you've been somewhere eles becuase i'm an old customer there, its been 3 years i am eating there also had lots of parties with my friends, i always prefer Bombay Palace. *taste also depend on mood Mr Veggie* how could you say such things if you are "Veggie". Are you trying to make people confuse or what :S Bombay Palace is Biggest chain of Indian Restaurants.

  3. as if your real name is John Martin- very english name for someone who obviously doesn't speak the lingo!


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