Saturday, 24 July 2010

Las Iguanas, Liverpool

An unlikely place to need Imodium or so I thought!

The final day of my holiday in Liverpool, I decided to have a 'last supper' before I got lumbered with a meal deal at Manchester airport and a Flybe cup a soup. The oh-so-chainy Liverpool One development seemed to be the most convenient option as I had a case to lug around and didn't fancy a long trek around the ever expanding Scouse restaurant scene. The first few restaurants were full and after much deliberation, chose Las Iguanas. Please,never suggest Nando's to me. I react to the name Nando's with the kind of horror most people reserve upon hearing such obscenities as the 'c' word. Well,N***o's is a profanity to people who appreciate good food and service.

Las Iguanas is also a chain but I'm afraid that's all one finds in Liverpool One. If you're looking for individuality, cosiness and home cooked grub, please avoid this area. We got a friendly welcome and the staff were ever so helpful, the seat they offered us was roomy and the decor was pleasing on the eye. Generally, you know what you are going to get with chains but this place impressed with its cool Latino summery surroundings.

We opted for the business lunch and I chose a spicy soup with butternut squash and nachos to start, and for the main course a vegetarian burrito. This deal was 7.95 plus any soft drink, beer or wine for £1. The courses were well-presented but looked rather sparse, no chips or rice with the main; no bread with the soup. However, it was a filling dinner. The soup was spicy and the addition of nachos to the soup was interesting but it tasted anything but homemade, it reminded me of Tesco's own brand's pitiful attempts at an authentic Mexican delicacy. The main course was a huge burrito, packed to the brim with various veg but as it was so thick and well packed, I wondered how well cooked it was as surely it would take a long time to heat it right through to the middle. It was tasty, don't get me wrong, but it didn't bowl me over as much as the Edinburgh Mexican restaurants from my previous reviews. I am astonished that this place is full but my ultimate favourite tex-mex in Liverpool, El Macho, is empty nowadays. Sadly, it boils down to location, location, location and the idleness of people not to walk around and search for something better,not leaving their comfort zone.

My favourite test when it comes to reviewing restaurants is the coffee- this place passed with full marks! However, my story does not end here. Later that night, I got the most awful stomach cramps and funnily enough, one of the people I was eating with did too- we both ate the same. Without going into too much detail, it got to the stage where Imodium was deployed.

On this note, I'll end the review and leave it up to you if you want to pay Iguanas a visit. All I'm saying is, you know what I think about chains. And Imodium moments.

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