Sunday, 19 September 2010

Delta Takeaway, Edinburgh

Takeaway food at restaurant quality!

Last night, I was at a loose end with nobody to play with so I thought to myself, why should I miss out on some vindaloo fun just because I'm on my own? I decided to have an Indian blowout just for me and scoured the Internet looking to spice up my life. Then I remembered a recommendation from fellow food blogger the Delta Takeaway in Murrayfield! Perfect!

I ordered a sumptuous feast of Aloo Chat (potatoes and pickles in a lemony, buttery,spicy sauce), a Sabzi Sambar (a party of chunky fresh veg, lentils and spices- perfect for Madras fans), pilau and a pistachio kulfi. This haul came to just over £12- a bit dearer than usual takeouts but for portion size and quality it was well worth it. The Chat was a great side dish, or for those with slightly smaller appetites it would also be a great main dish. The potatoes were nutty and buttery, offering a sumptuous texture to a simple yet pleasing dish. The Sambar was prepared with beautiful fresh greens, not a tinned or frozen broadbean in sight, the richness of spices creating an unforgettable concoction of curry heaven.

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  1. its been taken over and not as good as it used to be such a shame


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