Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Zorba's, Liverpool

Keep the holiday memories alive!

Back in 2000, I made an excellent discovery that has been a mainstay on my food itinerary ever since. I was out celebrating the end of my A-Levels and even back then, I was a foodie. A night out wasn't just about clubbing, it had to start with a meal to give you the energy for clubbing in my opinion! I stumbled across Zorba's, Liverpool's oldest Greek and was immediately enveloped in a warm yet fresh atmosphere of stonebaked bread, Mediterranean sun and undertones of mint. Fast forward 10 years later and it hasn't changed.

Zorba's is a textbook example of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. The menu is identical to that of 2000, the only changes have been the inflated prices and the expansion of the place, a testament to its popularity. The decor consists of vines, cool blues and whites and a mishmash of Greek holiday souvenirs like plates and stuffed donkeys (not on the menu thank God). Adding to the mood is my beloved Europop playing in the background- Greek pop gets you in such a summery vibe and transports you to a sunny beach, try it!

The portions here are massive and leave you feeling as if you have had a good proper meal out. Being the creature of habit I am, I always start with Melitzanosalata,a beautiful aubergine dip served with crusty bread and as my main, the Vegetarian Tourlou, a mix of assorted delicacies as pictured above. All mains are served with tomato rice, homemade chips, crusty bread and a splendid Horiatiki (Greek salad) with a sublime mustard dressing. The above dish costs £10 and is money well spent. Devour the mintiness of the stuffed vine leaf, savour the Kolokithakia (courgette fritter), feel the smooth Gigantes beans slip down your throat and marvel at the Greek take on Cheese Pie in 'Spanakopita'. The variation of these dishes is nourishing, filling and makes for an exciting meal. This dish is perfect for those like myself who get bored of 'samey' dishes like pizza and pasta and whose tastebuds are crying out for variation.

I must stop this review, I am making myself hungry and I've not even got to desserts! The coffee is filter so of moderate potency and the desserts are a mix of traditional Greek pastries like Baklava and the ubiquitous ice cream filled orange.

If you want to get away from chain restaurants and need a holiday from curry and Chinese, come to Zorbas for some homespun hospitality, a warm sunny welcome and the feeling that your meal out has been a journey for the senses.

Gia Mas!

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