Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sapori, Birkirkara, Malta

One of my pet peeves is when 5 star hotels don't offer free wi-fi, but charge extortionate amounts for it. The Corinthia Palace where I was staying wanted 4 euro an hour for the privilege- what a disgrace! Thankfully, most places do offer free wi-fi, the fabulous cafe Sapori being one of them. A 15 min stroll from the Corinthia Palace, the Sapori not only has free wifi, but friendly staff, a bargainous menu and cups of coffee so big you can drown in them.

Sapori is a trendy looking bistro without appearing pretentious, attracting both old and young clientele. The cheerful, helpful staff are extremely welcoming to both tourists and locals, offering hearty Italian cuisine and potent coffee at bargain prices. Pasta dishes come in both starter (approx €3.50) and main portion size (approx €5)- one main size can easily fill two hungry bellies as I found out. I ordered Penne Arrabiata (above)in a main course size and had to take a doggy bag home. The pasta was cooked to al dente perfection, the Arrabiata sauce ragingly potent. An excellent standard of cooking, just as I'd become accustomed to in the non-touristy bits of Malta.

Drinks-wise, the prices were consistently reasonable. A large Americano coffee was €1.50 and large translated as absolutely gargantuan. I felt like Disney's Alice in Wonderland next to it, I was half expecting to drown in its cavernous depths! Large coffee plus free wifi= an enjoyable, chilled afternoon on a budget.

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