Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Vino Veritas, Sliema, Malta

My exploration of cosy restaurants in Malta continued as the biggest storm on the island for years raged. Desperately seeking somewhere to shelter and keep warm (I only had my Dubai clothes with me), I happened upon Vino Veritas which is on the edge of Sliema near to St Julians. Not the most appropriately titled restaurant for a teetotaller like me, but fear not, it isn't a wine bar but a cavernous Italian trattoria!
Decorated in the style of my much missed Buca di Bacco, Vino Veritas is a cosy warm grotto scented with rosemary, garlic and all the other smells one associates with an Italian kitchen. It was given a Maltese twist by having complimentary bean pate with bruschettas to start. Bean pate is vegetarian and consists of pulped broadbeans, a much loved appetiser on the island. Get any preconceptions of pate out of your head, this is more like a dip.

To start, I had these scrumptious cheesy bruschettas, €2.99. Underneath the cheese, they are packed with tomato, red pepper and capers that burst with freshness:

These little treats were filling, leaving little room for the main event, maybe normal bruschettas without the cheese would have been more favourable. For my main, I had a Torchio Al Orto, a punchy pasta packed with fresh veg and not just the obligatory tomato and pepper combo. Aubergines, olives and that omnipresent Maltese staple, the humble marrow gave the pasta its padding. A nutritious antidote to a carb-heavy dish, you could say.

While I feasted on my veggie treat, The Carnivore chowed down on 'the best steak he has ever had', a prime piece of Aberdeen Angus, served with fresh veg. It was safe to say that Vino Veritas is officially Foodie Heaven for carnivores and herbivores alike. The meal was washed down with a couple of potent coffees and the cherry on the cake was a chat to the chef himself. This guy really cares about his customers and welcomes any suggestions and comments- top notch service.

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