Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Blue Lagoon, Lark Lane, Liverpool

Vindaloo Kings and Queens, I have finally found it. After much complaining and putting on a good act at pretending paltry portions have filled me, I have now found a decent Turkish restaurant in Liverpool. Step forward Blue Lagoon, Lark Lane's latest burst of Mediterranean sunshine.

Mother's Day. Our original itinerary was to go to the Red Fort for a celebratory lunch, compensating for the immense hunger after last week's Alanya debacle. However, the greedy so-and-sos had removed their usual Sunday offer of 3 courses for £10, their feeble excuse being 'it's Mother's Day'. It wasn't as if they were overwhelmed with customers either, one table was taken. Cutting off their nose to spite their face indeed. Thanks to their rude behaviour, we discovered a little piece of Turkey instead! Blue Lagoon has only been open a month and manages to successfully combine modern with cosy decor. It's small without looking cramped and cafe-like. Pictures of Turkey and the delicious waft of calamari and garlic add to the ambience.

Top marks for affordability- the deal of the day was 2 courses for £8.95 or 3 for £10.95 and drinks were priced realistically eg £1.30 for a soft drink. We opted for the 3 course deal as a security measure- all the Turkish restaurants I'd eaten at in the area had left me ravenous, its across-the-street neighbour Elif had left me running to Tesco's to buy my own dessert last time I ate there.

To start, the Carnivores ate Calamari and Hummous while I chose this delicious Cacik.

The starter portions were excellent, the Calamari comprised of around 8 pieces and all three starters came with pitta and salad. The Cacik was refreshing, the right amount of garlic without being overpowering. The hummous had a hint of chili, giving the chickpeas a much needed kick.

For mains, the Carnivores had a chicken and lamb kebab each while I opted for the veggie moussaka. All meals were served with pitta, salad and my beloved Pilaf cracked wheat.

Positive sounds were coming from the Carnivores, the quality and smell of the meat almost convincing me to swap sides! My moussaka had a beautiful potato base, the aubergines succulent and just the right amount of bechamel without being sickly. Some eateries don't get the balance right and make it more of a bechamel crust lacking in veg (yes, Zorbas, I mean you!) but this was perfection. I loved the accompaniment of pilaf, a much appreciated change from the Uncle Ben's packet rubbish that a lot of places churn out.

After a comfortable period of digestion, we ordered baklava, toffee cheesecake and chocolate fudge cake for dessert, all served with a generous helping of chocolate ice cream. Again, the portions were excellent, the baklava an authentic alternative to the usual treats. To top it off, we even got a hunk of Turkish Delight apiece with our bill and a voucher for 10% off the next meal. Great customer service, full bellies and a meal I haven't stopped raving about, the Blue Lagoon is a much needed addition to Liverpool's often lacklustre Mediterranean dining scene.

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  1. Walking down Lark Lane looking for somewhere to eat on Sunday at 5.45pm and cam upon The Blue Lagoon. Thought the menu looked good and the place itself looked clean and newish. It is a small restaurant, seats 24 if full. I just wish I had seen previous review by Mike on June 25 before going in as we had same experience. Lovely young girl took our order but 30mins later after asking her where our food was, it finally arrived. The chefs it would seem had not done the starters! Even when we finished them we still had to wait for our main meal. A young man who I guess was a manager started to clear tables etc and said if you wish to have freshly cooked food it takes 25-30 mins - no apology !! I can accept that but not 30 mins to get a cold starter, plus another wait for the main meal.. This place really does need to improve its service - I will not be going back.


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