Sunday, 17 March 2013

Halfway House Carvery, Woolton Rd, Liverpool

Just a quick shout out for a favourite chain of mine- Crown Carveries. Yes, Vindaloo Queen doesn't normally advocate faceless, overpriced chains serving microwave meals at a premium so that's where Crown Carveries comes in. These budget carveries have sprung up in pub restaurants all around the country and are suitable for carnivores and veggies alike. Thanks to a voucher I found online, I enjoyed 2 meals for £7 but at full price, they're still a purse friendly £4.50 each or so. With fresh veg, generous cuts of meat and a veggie option, these carveries are a refreshing alternative on those days when you don't fancy cooking or want a day off from the vindaloo. My favourites in Liverpool are the Britannia in Otterspool and the Halfway House in Childwall, conveniently over the road from that awful sounding WAG haven Neighbourhood Cafe.

Here's what I had last weekend in the Halfway House- a delicious cheese, onion and potato pie with all the trimmings. Let me just add that the stuffing is out of this world!

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