Monday, 21 June 2010

Tex Mex 2, Edinburgh

I don't know about you, but in the summer, my mind and tastebuds turn to 'holiday' food. Forget about the richness and stodge of Indian and Chinese, they are so very British and about as exotic as fish and chips! Instead, I like to try food from sunny countries that double up as popular hoilday destinations. Holiday food must be tasty of course, but what is more important is that the dishes and the ambience of the restaurant are so powerful, you feel as if you are abroad on a sunny terrace.

Tucked away in a backstreet behind George Street, the cosy and colourful Tex Mex 2 was like a little ray of sunshine amongst the dusty, stern-looking buildings that characterise Edinburgh. A carnival of green, purple and red with mounthwatering drawings of watermelons set the scene for a midsummer night's meal. My first impressions were mixed- it had a brilliant atmosphere but the restaurant was somewhat cramped and some diners were practically sitting on the laps of their neighbours. However, I was starving and all I could think about was getting fed.

The menu was a delight and veggies will not go hungry here! After much deliberation, I ordered a starter of nachos which came with generous helpings of sour cream, jalapenos, spring onion, cheese and salsa, and for the main course Veggie Enchiladas. The courses were imaginatively presented, the enchiladas served in a bright green baking dish and were accompanied with a fresh salad and pepper-infused rice. Yummy! I spied the cocktails of my neighbours which looked fab but unfortunately, there were no virgin ones for me. (For your info, they were all under £4- not bad for the City Centre!).

I was fit to burst after such a feast but in the name of research, I read through the dessert menu for future reference. Favourites like Keylime Pie and Banoffee leapt out at me. I quite fancied one of their coffees, but to be honest, I did not feel as if I could relax- my neighbours were practically on top of me and I couldn't have a private conversation, plus I heard every word of the loudmouth 'Ned' and his equally uncultured wife next to me. I would go back to Tex Mex if I was guaranteed a window seat (more space and privacy), if they expanded, or if they took a few tables out. The restaurant was not cheap but the layout was as cramped as a greasy spoon. (Actually my local Greasy has space for your shopping bags too!). As I said, the food was fab but don't come here if you intend on a deep and meaningful conversation with your meal, unless you don't mind broadcasting it.

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  1. Sorry about us squeezing in as many seats as we can... but we only seat 28 and given the space that was the best we can do..... would love a larger restaurant but the banks arn't that helpfull
    xxx FatDonny (owner/chef)

  2. Fat Donny of the Spicy Sauce!

    no problem! Thanks for commenting!
    Shame you can't expand, the atmosphere is brilliant and it's the best Mexican food I've tasted in the Burgh.

    PS. your sauce is brilliant!

  3. can you ammend your vote on urban spoon for some reason it is coming up that you dont like us? which is not the impression i got from the write up which was very kind
    xxx Fatdonny

  4. oops- must have clicked you instead of El Barrio ;) will do!


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