Friday, 18 March 2011

Drip, Manchester

I didn't expect doggy style- call environmental health!

Back in 2009 when I was living in Germany, I went somewhere really exotic on holiday. That's right, I went to Manchester! (The things ex-pats do when they get homesick for good curry...) While I was there, I visited a fab cafe in the Northern Quarter called Drip and decided to visit again now that I live in Manc Land. However, it's true what they say, never visit the same place twice...

The prices are staggeringly high for a cafe in an old run down inner city and the service isn't particularly overwhelming, but this is made up for in its cosy interior and well stacked selection of mags. I sat there, engrossed in Jordan's love life until I heard a terrible cacophony. A family with a huge dog had rudely interrupted my coffee sesh, a hulking smelly beast of a thing and I was waiting for the staff to tell them to chain it up outside. But no, this group of freaks were welcomed with open arms with barely a drink bought with their dirty smelly dog. Isn't this some sort of environmental health breach?

If they welcome mutts in their eating establishment, I shan't be going back. It really has gone to the dogs.

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