Sunday, 27 May 2012

Wasabi Dessert Room, Faulkner St, Manchester

After the abysmal service and high prices at Try Thai, I was loathe to spend any more money there. I like to enjoy my desserts and post-meal coffee in a relaxed surrounding and Try Thai had the ambience of school dinners. Since the demise of my old favourite Bubble Cafe, I was desperately seeking a new Bubble Tea joint in Manchester. Enter Wasabi Dessert Room- Chinatown's latest, sparkly addition. Upstairs from Wasabi sushi, this far-Eastern twist on the humble ice cream parlour is a delight. Featuring 15 flavours of Bubble Tea priced at £2.50 (the pic above is Lavender flavour- delicious) along with traditional Chinese and Japanese desserts, this place is a far cry from grabbing a boring croissant at Costa Coffee! Its relaxed setting with Asian pop videos playing creates the perfect atmosphere for whiling away a few hours. An absolute must is its speciality, the Snow Ice dessert. Priced at £4.99 but serves 2 easily and possibly even a 3rd person, this concoction of fruity sorbet, fresh fruit and tapioca is a work of art.

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  1. Glad you like it

    From young chef jay =] from dessert room

  2. its amazing! You're a talented chef- is that snow ice i see on your profile pic? YUM! Will you ever consider doing bubble slush?

  3. thank you :) yes indeed it is the strawberry Snow ice, for the bubble slush still not decided yet for the time being. :)

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