Monday, 14 May 2012

Flavours, Nevill St, Southport

2011 saw the arrival of a fab new development in Southport- an ice cream parlour in an area with a high density of pubs, chippies and identikit chain coffee shops! Flavours has gone from strength to strength since its opening and despite being in a traditional English seaside resort and being part of Silcock's amusement arcade, Flavours retains a certain Continental charm.

Thanks to its potent coffee machine (a rarity in this neck of the woods) and numerous flavours of ice cream, Flavours pushes all my buttons and to top it off, you can have a flutter in the adjacent amusement arcade. If you have been to Germany or Italy and seen how an ice cream parlour is properly done, Flavours fits this template perfectly.The staff are always smiley as well, despite being rushed off their feet by demanding brats. So far, I have sampled their blackcurrant liquorice and after eight flavoured ices and have been bowled over that something has achieved ice cream perfection in little Britain. And yes, I am also pleased to say that I have found a fabulously potent coffee in Southport after a year of searching. Flavours has given the cafes of Southport a much- needed kick up the backside.

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