Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My Trip Advisor Article 'The Liverpool Curry Scene'

I recently posted this article on Trip Advisor, enjoy!

My main passion is curry-hence my user name- and am constantly on the search for what makes the perfect Indian restaurant. Are the modern restaurants better than new ones? City centre hotspots or cosy suburban eateries? Open plan or traditional booths? Vindaloo or more delicate tastes? Here is my guide to Liverpool's curry scene.

My first stop is South Liverpool, an area populated by students, professionals and ladies-who-lunch. The two newcomers to the curry scene are SPICEWAYS at the Childwall Fiveways and SEKANDER on Allerton Rd. Spiceways opened at the end of 2009 and has a trendy, winebar feel with no reminders that it is actually an Indian restaurant. The portions are huge, as is the menu, and the quality of the ingredients second to none. Sekander is much loved due to the fact it is a BYO and can therefore save a few quid and spend that on a delicious dessert instead. Sekander started life as a takeaway in the late 90s and its popularity grew, evident in the fact that there is a queue of a weekend. In the historic Woolton village where Liverpool's favourite sons John and Paul met, a quaint Indian can be found in the form of THE RAJ. From the outside. it looks like a Tudor house, but once inside it looks like a stereotypical old-school curry house with booths, flock wallpaper and chintzy carpet. The odd Hollyoaks star has been sighted here.

Next stop is the trendy Lark Lane and into the RED FORT for a vindaloo. The restaurant is in a street perfect for bars and pubs and is a mix of traditional and modern. Perfect for a works night out. romantic meal or family event. Nearby is the LIGHT OF BENGAL, a tasty old-school experience with the obligatory booths.

Our journey takes us to the city centre's Renshaw Street where MASTER CHEF is located. The prices are bargainous, it is a BYO and they offer student discount. More importantly, it is a staple of LIverpool's Pakistani community who rate this restaurant highly for authenticity. They offer some dishes that do not appear in your bog-standard curry house such as the wonderful, chutney-based Achaari. Its neighbour, the UNI (pronounced you and I)is a 1970s classic and an experience not to be missed. Yes, it has booths, but with a difference. Each booth has a dimmer switch, a curtain and a bell to call for service- Kitsch or romantic? You can be the judge. The lassi selection is worth a try too. In the same area are other favourites of the Liverpool dining scene, THE PASSAGE TO INDIA and INDIAN DELIGHT.

And finally, for those who want a different Indian experience, try the MAHARAJA for a South Indian take on your favourite dishes-recommended by Gordon Ramsay!

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