Monday, 12 April 2010

Leven's, Edinburgh

On Saturday, I was off to the wonderful King's Theatre and what better to do before a play than have a pre-theatre dinner! A lot of the restuarants close to the theatre offer a pre-theatre dinner, and as much as I love Indian and Chinese, I decided to take the plunge and have curry....with a twist! I am not normally a fan of Thai, but Leven's stood out as a place where I absolutely had to go.
It is an opulent looking restaurant with beautiful lighting, chandeliers and crystals suspended in the glass; trendy but not pretentious. The staff were ever so friendly, immediately making everyone feel welcome without any of this snobbery that many 'trendy' places have. The concept of the restaurant is 'Thai Fusion', which means Thai combined with various international cuisines. You get the feel of this right away as you are given complimentary olives and tomato bread- very Italian! Other Italian influenced dishes include the curried lasagne and the satay wrapped in prosciutto.
The restaurant offers two menus, a pre-theatre menu for £12 and the normal menu, which only has a small selection of dishes but of a very high quality and carefully prepared. (My only complaint is that the selection for vegetarians isn't great, but the dish I got was a feast for the tastebuds!)
To start, I ordered Vegetarian Spring Rolls, fit to burst with glass noodles, aubergine and other fresh veg. They were handmade and coated in a plum sauce. For my main, I sampled the Vegetable Massaman Curry, a potent, spicy curry- thinner than Indian curry but with a lime and chilli kick! The selection of veg was beautiful, crunchy carrots, tender asparagus and caramelised onion. Now for the twist. The corry was not served with jasmine rice, but on a bed of mashed potato! The combination of the fluffy mash and the tangy curry was brilliant, a savoury experience to be repeated.
This restaurant is a perfect location for a celebratory meal, a pre-theatre treat or a classy summer evening out. I would highly recommend it and its staff are a credit to them. Next time, I promise I will make room for dessert though!

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