Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Chilli Banana, Liverpool

The Chili Banana is a much hyped restaurant in South Liverpool, and considering there aren't may Thai restaurants in the city, I decided to give it a try. The name sounded tempting! However, I was very disappointed with my experience there....

The restaurant looks very modern inside, like a wine bar and not very 'Thai'. It was a bit crowded, the tables were extremely close together and the night I was there it was full of screaming brats and WAG wannabes. Lovely clientele....
I had a look at the menu, it looked delicious and there seemed to be a great selection. I chose Veggie Spring Rolls to start. At £5, I expected hand made ones but instead, they were my old enemy from the Cash and Carry. Covered in grease, they were very unappetising. I hoped my veggie satay curry for the main would be better. It got worse. The curry was cold,like it had been lying around all day and tasted as if half a tub of double cream had been poured into it. There were no vegetables present, just a few sorry looking lumps of tofu. My portion of rice was tiny as well and would just about feed a mouse! My carnivorous mate fared slightly better with her chicken satay starter and chicken red curry main, but in her words 'I should have gone to Tesco.'

Need I add that my friend was dying of thirst after waiting 30 min for her glass of wine? This meal was an awful experience and I shan't be going back. I have also posted a review on TripAdvisor and come under a lot of criticism for it, well I am sorry if you people feel offended that I had a cold meal and am complaining about it. I'm sure Gordon Ramsay would agree with me when I say, if you have a bad meal, complain about it!

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